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A plea hearing is rescheduled for a former Waupun police lieutenant accused of going on a crime spree last summer.  A plea and sentencing hearing in Barron County for Brad Young will be held Sept. 23.   Authorities say Young stole a vehicle and led law enforcement on a chase.  Young is also accused of burglarizing a Green lake restaurant last August, driving a stolen pickup truck and leading police on a chase before crashing the vehicle and stealing another vehicle.   He was later apprehended in a cabin in Burnett County.  Young is also scheduled to make an initial appearance October 2nd in Waushara County where is accused of burglarizing a tavern.  Young resigned from the Waupun police department last September.


Glenn Grothman had his U-S House primary victory confirmed.  An official canvass of last Tuesday's ballots had the Campbellsport Republican winning his Sixth District primary by 219 votes over fellow state Senator Joe Leibham of Sheboygan.  Grothman gained six votes from the unofficial Election Night returns, and Leibham gained one vote.  About 64-thousand people voted in what was a four-way G-O-P primary.  Grothman's winning margin was about one-third of one-percent, the smallest for the Wisconsin congressional contest since 1970.  The canvass totals gave Grothman 23-thousand-247 votes, and Leibham 23-thousand-28.  Leibham says he and his campaign staff will review the canvass results, then decide whether to seek a recount.  For now, Grothman will face Democrat Mark Harris in November, for the right to replace retiring House Republican Tom Petri of Fond du Lac.


Fond du Lac County hopes a new initiative will help spur interest in the county’s aeronatics business park.  The county board has given the okay to spend $3000 for an aerospace study. County executive Al Buechel says the study is part of the Oshkosh Region Defense Industry Diversification Initiative in partnership with Winnebago and Outagamie counties.  Buechel says initially those involved in the study talked about only doing Oshkosh, then Oshkosh thought this should be a Fox Valley study.  The new initiative came to light following the recent layoffs at Oshkosh Corp.



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Here are the details:

Minority owners of five former Racine taverns are trying again to win a federal lawsuit which claims that a conspiracy drove them out of business.  The tavern owners filed suit in federal court in Milwaukee, alleging that city officials and the local tavern league violated their civil rights.  A similar suit was thrown out last month.  Federal Judge J-P Stadtmueller said the original claims were too broad and vague -- but he said the allegations might have merit, and he allowed the plaintiffs to enter a clarified complaint.  Among other things, the minority bar owners said the city "waged war" on them since 2006 over crime at their establishments -- while ignoring similar conduct at bars owned and patronized by whites.  The suit claimed that minority-owned taverns vanished from downtown Racine by the end of last year.  It also alleged that officials took bribes and filed false campaign reports.  The new lawsuit has fewer defendants.  They include Mayor John Dickert, ex-Mayor Gary Becker, a former police chief, City Council members, the Racine Tavern League, various business owners, and the head of the Downtown Racine Corporation.


Wisconsin voters will have to wait awhile to find out if they'll have to show photo I-D's at the polls on November fourth.  Yesterday, the federal appeals court in Chicago said it would not act on the state's request to restore the voter I-D law, until after the court hears oral arguments in the case on September 12th.  The state is appealing a ruling from Federal Judge Lynn Adelman which found the Wisconsin I-D law unconstitutional.  Attorney General J-B Van Hollen asked the court to at least temporarily put the law back into place while the appeal is being considered -- thus requiring voters to show I-D's in the November fourth elections.


A newlywed from Sheboygan is accused of beating his wife twice on their wedding night.  Twenty-six year old Jeffrey Schuette pleaded innocent this week to two misdemeanor counts of domestic abuse-battery.  A 500-dollar bond was ordered, and a tentative trial date is set for October 8th.  Prosecutors said Schuette insisted on driving his 22-year-old bride to a hotel even though he was intoxicated.  She reportedly said no and got a ride from somebody else.  At the hotel, authorities said Schuette hit his new wife several times in the face after she said he ruined her wedding night.  Officials said he punched the bride again later while the two were in bed.  Police said one of the bride's eyes was swollen, and her face was numb.  She told officers that he was violent toward her several times in the past -- but she never reported it until now.