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Two Ripon men arrested in connection with an armed robbery at a Ripon business have made their initial court appearance.  21-year-old Cody M. Schaffer is charged with one felony count of armed robbery, while 17-year-old Tyler W. Cody is charged with one felony count of party to the crime of armed robbery.  The incident happened around 11:45 p.m. September 19th at Ripon’s Pick n Save.  According to the criminal complaint, the two had planned and discussed robbing a Ripon business for some time and chose Pick n Save.  The complaint says Cody entered the story to scope out the location and Schaffer then entered displaying a handgun in his waistband and told the clerk it was a robbery.  Both individuals left the area and disposed of clothing and a gun.  Officers were able to apprehend both Schaffer and Cody within a half hour of the robbery after finding them walking in the area of US Bank.  Police recovered cash from both individuals and later during their interviews they admitted to the crime.  Schaffer also stated he stole a toy gun to use in the robbery.  No one was injured.  If convicted, both Schaffer and Cody face up to $100,000 in fines and 40 years imprisonment.


A young woman who made medical history by surviving rabies without a vaccination reaches another milestone in her life.  Jenna Giese was married over the weekend in Fond du Lac. Giese says her husband, Scot Frassetto, is always there to encourage her and that they just fit together.  A bite from a rabid bat nearly ended Giese's life about 10 years ago when she was in high school. An experimental treatment saved her life. But, she would have to learn to stand, walk and talk all over again.  And, after 2½ months in the hospital, Giese left Children's Hospital and continued her rehabilitation. After years of steady progress, Giese graduated from Lakeland College in Sheboygan in 2011


An Illinois man is in custody following a high-speed chase in Fond du Lac over the weekend. The chase started shortly after 7pm Saturday when a sheriff’s deputy attempted to stop a vehicle on Lakeshore Drive near Howard Litscher Drive in the city of Fond du Lac.   Sheriff’s lieutenant Mike Nolan says the suspect vehicle failed to stop and continued into Lakeside Park west.  Nolan says the vehicle accelerated and continued on Highway 45 into the city of Fond du Lac.  After crashing into a house on the corner of Doty and McWilliams Streets, the driver was apprehended following a short foot chase.  The incident remains under investigation.



Wisconsin Lottery Numbers (drawn Monday night):


5 Card Cash:       7-hearts, A-diamonds, 3-hearts, 4-spades, J-spades

SuperCash:          7 - 19 - 29 - 33 - 37 - 38   Doubler:  No

Badger 5:             4 - 20 - 24 - 27 - 31

Daily Pick 4:         2 - 6 - 0 - 5

Daily Pick 3:         5 - 5 - 2

Here are the stories:

First Lady Michelle Obama travels to Wisconsin next Monday to campaign on behalf of Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke.  On the same day, New Jersery Governor Chris Christie will be in Hudson to speak on behalf of incumbent Governor Scott Walker.  No details about either visit have been released yet, though Burke’s campaign has promised additional information as the date grows closer.  The latest polling of Wisconsin voters suggests the race between the Republican Walker and the Democrat Burke is almost even.  Election Day is just six weeks from today for Wisconsin voters.


Officials from the city of Beloit and the local N-double-A-C-P chapter say they are joining forces to try to reduce crime in the southern Wisconsin city.  It has been a summer of an unusual amount of violence.  The city and community leaders say they want to create a youth center, to give young people a safe place to hang out.  The center would provide activities and mentorship programs.  One of the possible locations is the Beloit Boys and Girls club.  Beloit leaders say they are working on several other approaches to cutting down on violence.  Police report spending more than 322-thousand dollars in overtime between April and August, partly due to having to deal with more crime.  That’s three times as much overtime as the same time period in the previous year.  City officials say they think it would cost about 200-thousand dollars to create the teen center and there is currently no money in the budget to cover start-up costs.


He was involved in a fight at a Halloween party that injured five people two years ago.  Monday, Shane Behrens was given a 10-year prison sentence.  He had pleaded no contest to several charges last month.  Prosecutors say Shane and his brother Brandon Behrens went to a party in Arena where a fight broke out.  The five people injured were treated for numerous injuries, including stab wounds and broken bones.  Brandon Behrens has also pleaded no contest to the charges he faced.  He could get up to 12 years in prison when he is sentenced next month.


Wausau police say they have found the body of a woman who has been missing for almost four years.  Stephanie Low disappeared from her apartment in Wausau October 10th, 2010.  Two years later police identified a person of interest in the case.  Investigators say a man told witnesses he had gone to Low’s apartment intending to steal from her.  He reportedly told those witnesses he strangled and stabbed her when she fought back.  Though he hasn’t admitted killing Low, police say the 34-year-old suspect led them to a shallow grave in the national forest near Wabeno where her remains were found.  Charges are expected to be filed soon.


A teenager being treated at a Madison hospital says she was injured in what she calls a case of “mutual combat.”  She had been hit in the head with a padlock.  The 13-year-old says she was hanging out in an apartment complex courtyard Saturday night with a large group of young people.  She says she had been involved in a feud with another girl and they had planned to fight at about 10 p-m Saturday.  The injury happened when the other girl pulled out a pair of padlocks and she and a third girl started to attack the victim.  Several girls and some teenage boys were involved in a fight for a period of time, though the fighting was over by the time police officers arrived.  The primary suspect still hasn’t been located.