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The Berlin School District in east central Wisconsin will keep its Indian mascot and nickname.  The School Board voted this week to calling its teams the Berlin Indians, after 92-percent of 13-hundred people in a community survey favored keeping the moniker. One resident says the name honors a tribe that no longer exists.  An opponent says the mascot exploits Native American culture, and teaches kids that it's okay to stereotype.  Berlin's debate began in 2011, when a graduate complained about the nickname to the state Department of Public Instruction under a complaint system that Democrats created in '09. Republicans virtually gutted that system in 2013, two years after the G-O-P took control of state government.


A provider of student housing near two smaller U-W campuses is about to break ground for a third complex -- even though both existing ones have problems and delays.  Bluffstone of Bettendorf Iowa still has building code issues to address at its apartment complexes near the two-year schools at Marshfield and Baraboo.  Both opened in October, later than planned.  The siding and heat system at Baraboo still needs to be finished.  At Marshfield, rooms at each end of a modular building are reportedly closed off because they're too far from fire exits.  Construction liens filed in Wood County Circuit Court total around 300-thousand dollars.  Electrical sub-contractor John Nikolai (nick-o-lie) of Marshfield told state lawmakers that Bluffstone still owes builders 630-thousand dollars between the two projects.  The company is about to start work on a third complex at the U-W's two-year school in Fond du Lac. Colleges' vice-chancellor Steve Wildeck says the contracts for the Fond du Lac project appeared to be set before the issues at Marshfield cropped up.  He says the school's dean and the Fond du Lac County executive are "watching like hawks" to make sure everything's finished on time. A Bluffstone official says Marshfield's problems were due to an out-of-state contractor who didn't know the Wisconsin codes. 


Drug Free Communities of Fond du lac County is teaming up with local law enforcement  to get the message out about the dangers of binge drinking and driving during the Super Bowl  this weekend.  Clinical supervisor of Addiction Services at Agneisan HealthCare, Amy Johannes says the message is to Drive Sober on Super Bowl Sunday.  Johannes says binge drinking is defined as about five drinks for men and four drinks for women over a two hour period.  This Sunday, Drug Free Communities of Fond du Lac County is encouraging people enjoy the game   without drinking or limit your  alcohol intake to a couple of drinks during the game and stop drinking  during the third quarter, have a designated driver, and never let a friend who has had too much to drink drive.



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Here are the details:

Menominee Indian leaders and Kenosha area lawmakers say they'll keep pressing Governor Scott Walker to change his mind about rejecting the tribe's Kenosha casino.  At a news conference in Madison yesterday, Menominee vice-chair Crystal Chapman-Chevalier said there's still time, in her words, "to right this wrong for all of Wisconsin."  The Republican Walker said last Friday he would not approve the proposed Hard Rock gaming resort in Kenosha.  He said it could force taxpayers to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars to the competing Potawatomi tribe for contractual obligations, if that tribe loses revenue at its nearby Milwaukee casino.  Walker had until February 19th to give his decision to the U-S Bureau of Indian Affairs.  The governor has said the Bureau would not let him change his mind -- although casino supporters believe he can do so before February 19th.  Assembly Democratic Minority Leader Peter Barca of Kenosha refutes Walker's claim that the project could hurt taxpayers. He said the Menominee tribe posted a 250-million dollar bond to cover any potential losses to the state.  Walker, a potential 2016 candidate for president, announced his decision a day before speaking to conservatives in Iowa who reportedly urged him to reject the project.  Chapman-Cavalier would not say if she thought politics drove the governor's decision, saying, "Look at the facts and judge for yourself."  She also said the Menominee tribe was considering legal options if the casino rejection is finalized.


A Dubuque Iowa man will spend 50 years in prison for hijacking a taxi in Platteville and killing its driver near La Crosse.  Twenty-six year old Timmy Johnson Junior was sentenced yesterday in Grant County on reduced charges of reckless homicide, kidnapping, and armed robbery.  He had pleaded no contest in the death of 79-year-old Merle Forbes Junior last June, just hours after Johnson completed jail time for another crime.  Prosecutors said he was high on P-C-P when he called a cab to go to a secluded spot where he planned to kill himself.  However, Johnson assumed Forbes would hurt him -- so he stabbed the cab driver with a stolen knife, put him in the trunk, and drove north to La Crosse.  That's where police started chasing him at speeds up to 115-miles-an-hour before the cab rear-ended another vehicle and flipped over.  Three people in the other vehicle had minor injuries.  Johnson's lawyer blamed it all on his client's under-treatment for mental illness.  Prosecutors said he clearly had a pattern of dangerous behavior, with 30 prior convictions.


A Milwaukee teen who said he accidentally shot his brother is now facing a negligent homicide charge.  Eighteen-year-old Dennis Jackson appeared in court yesterday, where a judge set bond at five-thousand dollars and ordered electric monitoring upon release.  Jackson is due back in Milwaukee County Circuit Court a week from today for a preliminary hearing.  He's charged in the shooting death of his 23-year-old brother, Leroy Smith, at a Milwaukee home on Monday. Witnesses quoted Jackson as saying it was an accident.  Police said he initially denied handling the weapon until he was confronted by the witnesses' statements. Jackson then told officers he was trying to clear a jam from his handgun when it accidentally went off.