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Bail is set at $50,000 cash for a Dodge County homicide suspect.  Thirty-year-old Kriscilla McHenry appeared in Dodge County Circuit court Wednesday on an automobile theft charge, and is expected to face homicide charges in the death of a town of Fox Lake man.  Dodge County sheriff Pat Ninmann says McHenry turned herself in this week to Milwaukee police.  Ninmann says McHenry is a suspect in the homicide of 43-year-old Michael Soeller last month.  Ninmann says they are pretty confident McHenry was a primary aggressor in the incident.  Ninmann says investigators believe McHenry stole the victimís car after leaving his apartment in the Town of Fox Lake August 19th.


It took 70 years, but a World War Two veteran from Waupun has finally received the Purple Heart award he expected to get.  Eighty-nine year old Army Staff Sergeant Fred Zurbuchen (zer-bock-en) was honored in a surprise ceremony Thursday at the E-A-A Museum in Oshkosh.  Zurbuchen was in his late teens when he was wounded as a B-17 gunner while flying on a mission over Germany.  Media reports say a fire destroyed the paperwork that would have given Zurbuchen his Purple Heart award years earlier.  The E-A-A's Chris Henry met the soldier earlier this year, and set out to complete the process for granting the Purple Heart.  Zurbuchen thought he was being invited to see a display at the museum when he was greeted with his military honors.  He says he was the last survivor of his crew.


It's almost harvest time -- and that means car-and-truck drivers will share the highways with more farm equipment.  The Wisconsin Corn Growers Association reminds motorists that most farm units go no faster than 25-miles-an-hour. That can cause drivers to miscalculate how fast they should be going as they approach the farm machinery.  Also, the group has advice for farmers -- like having the orange slow-moving-vehicle signs and reflective tape on their units so they can be seen at night.  The corn growers group' also suggests that farmers check their blind-spots when making turns, and staying as refreshed as possible during the long harvest days that are coming up.



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Here are the details:

All 26 Home Depot stores in Wisconsin were hacked as part of the company's recent data breach.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said it found the underground Web site on which credit card data was put up for sale on the black market.  The news outlet said over 282-thousand Wisconsin credit-and-debit card numbers were stolen from Home Depot's computers -- and hackers provided both the names of the stolen card holders and their numbers when identity thieves buy them.  As of yesterday, the sellers guaranteed that 100-percent of the stolen cards were valid -- meaning that customers had not taken steps to cancel their cards yet.  Nationally, Home Depot now says 56-million credit-and-debit cards were breached when customers swiped those cards at checkout lanes.  That's more than the 40-million cards affected by Target's breach last December.  Home Depot said the malicious software that caused its breach has now been eliminated.  Banks and law enforcement were first alerted on September second.  The company said it dealt with the malware as soon as it learned about it.  


U-W Milwaukee Police are investigating a campus fraternity whose members might have slipped date-rape drugs into people's alcoholic drinks at a party.  A search warrant was executed this week at the Tau Kappa Epsilon frat house, where a party last Friday night resulted in drunk people having memory lapses. Three women and a man were taken to a hospital in protective custody.  One of the female victims told police she felt a weird sensation and then passed out.  One student has been arrested.  The Milwaukee County district attorney's office was considering possible charges as of yesterday.  U-W-M spokesman Tom Luljak (loo-jack) said the school has temporarily suspended the fraternity's affiliation with the campus while the matter is being investigated.  Further action will be considered once the probe is over. 


The Coast Guard has stopped searching for a suburban Milwaukee man missing in Lake Michigan.  Forty-eight year old Joseph Kiehm of Glendale was last seen Tuesday aboard a sailboat at the Milwaukee harbor.  His wife reported him missing on Wednesday.  The Coast Guard said it began an air-and-water search of over 12-thousand square miles of Lake Michigan.  Yesterday, a ferry captain found Kiehm's sailboat.  It was adrift about ten miles northeast of Milwaukee. There was no sign of Kiehm.  The Coast Guard said last night it would suspend the search, unless there are new developments later.


A black bear was hauled away, after he made himself at home in Green Bay. Police said they spotted the two-year-old animal early yesterday morning.  The D-N-R's Jeff Pritzl said the bear was roaming around a neighborhood, and he followed his nose toward some restaurants.  Officers corralled the bear in a back yard, as residents were told to stay in their homes and school resource personnel escorted kids to class.  The D-N-R's Bear Unit tranquilized the bear with four rounds.  Once he was knocked out, he was being taken to more appropriate environs in the Northwoods.