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The president of the Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation says Con Agra officials have told him the decision to close a cookie plant in Ripon was strictly a market decision.  Steve Jenkins says he talked with Con Agra officials based in Omaha, Nebraska who told him it was a market decision and had nothing to do with the city of Ripon or the workforce.  Con Agra announced last week that the plant that makes Rippin’ Good cookies would be phased out starting in September through the end of the year leaving 300 people out of work.  Jenkins says the hope is that another business can be found to move into that facility.


A Brandon man charged with possession of child pornography is bound over for trial.  Probable cause was found at a preliminary hearing last week for 38 year old Scott Knuuttila on ten counts of possession of child pornography.  Knuuttila was a volunteer with the Dodge County Emergency Response team until he was arrested earlier this month following the execution of a search warrant at his home.  Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Cameron McGee says Knuuttila is also under investigation for the sexual assault of a child in Stevens Point.


A mother who survived a shooting on the Trestle Trail Bridge in Menasha is home.  Theda Clark Medical Center spokeswoman Megan Schuessler says Erin Stoffel was released from the Neenah hospital.  The 32-year-old was critically wounded in the random shooting on the bridge May 3rd. Her 33-year-old husband, Jon, and 11-year-old daughter, Olivia, lost their lives. Thirty-one-year-old Adam Bentdahl of Appleton was also killed.  Despite being shot three times, Stoffel was able to get two of her other children to safety. She was let out of the hospital briefly to attend the funeral of her husband and daughter.  The gunman, 27-year-old Sergio Daniel Valencia del Torro, killed himself. Authorities are finishing up an investigation into his background and mental health history.



Winning lottery numbers:
Mega Millions:  1-39-52-69-72, Mega Ball 12, Megaplier 4
Five-Card Cash:  Q-hearts, 6-hearts, J-hearts, 8-hearts, 9-diamonds
Supercash:  7-10-12-16-25-39 - No Doubler
Pick-3:  5-9-5
Pick-4:  3-7-7-8
Badger-5: 2-3-4-23-24

Here are the details:

As usual, the Wisconsin Legislature's finance panel has saved the hottest items for the final week of its state budget review -- which begins today.  Lawmakers have talked about reducing Governor Scott Walker's 300-million dollar cut in state funds for the U-W System.  G-O-P co-chair John Nygren says a deal is getting closer on the size of the cut.  Also, we'll find out if you'll pay more to register your vehicle.  There's still lots of opposition to Walker's plan for borrowing one-point-three billion dollars for highway projects.  With the news that the economy is not expected to generate extra tax revenues, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos talked about raising vehicle registration fees.  Also, G-O-P leaders are trying to get a revised prevailing-wage law into the budget.  Vos was not pleased that Assembly Labor panel chair Andre Jacque called for a hearing and a vote today on a full repeal of the wage law -- which requires contractors for public works projects to get wages close to those of similar projects in their areas.  Finally, negotiators are said to be close to a financing deal for a new Milwaukee Bucks' arena.  All these issues could come down to the finance panel's final hours of budget deliberations on Friday -- and what's sure to stretch into early Saturday morning.  Today, the committee will consider splitting up the worker's compensation program among three state agencies to try and make it more efficient.  Some labor attorneys oppose the move, saying it would dismantle a system that keeps a lot of industrial injury cases out of court. Officials point out there are no changes in the system's basic rules. 


A freak accident involving a deer and two vehicles has happened for the second time in Wisconsin in just over a month.  Authorities in the northwest part of the state said Kurtis Berg of Cumberland died on Saturday when a Minnesota driver hit a deer.  The animal then flew through the windshield of an oncoming pick-up truck where Berg was a passenger.  It happened in the Washburn County town of Evergreen.  The deer was still in the pick-up when first-responders got there. Berg died later at a hospital, after getting severe head-and-chest injuries.  It was similar to a tragic mishap in central Wisconsin on April 17th.  That was when Michael Rogan of Stratford was driving his wife to a hospital for the birth of their eighth child -- and another vehicle hit a deer before it broke into the Rogans' van.  Michael died, and everyone else in the family escaped with minor injuries. 


Nobody won the Mega Millions' jackpot last night, so it goes up to 233-million dollars for Friday night.  Players in California and Michigan each won the second prize of a million dollars.  We don't know yet how many Wisconsin players won smaller prizes last night.  In the previous drawing last Friday, just over 22-thousand-300 tickets in the Badger State won anywhere from one-dollar to 500. Last night's numbers were 1, 39, 52, 69, and 72.  The Mega Ball was 12, and the Megaplier was four.  Friday's cash option is just over 143-million dollars. Tonight, a 154-million-dollar Powerball jackpot is up for grabs -- along with a record prize of 22-point-four million in the Wisconsin-only Megabucks lotto game.