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Via the Ripon Utilities Department Manager, Chris Liveris:  

The City of Ripon Water Utility is requesting that all Ripon Utility customers discontinue flowing water as the threat of water freezing has subsided. We appreciate the cooperation of our customers during this very difficult time. Please contact your friends and neighbors so that as many customers are notified as possible. If you have any questions regarding this, please call the Utility Manager, Chris Liveris at 748-4912, between 7:00 am and 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Thank you very much for your cooperation. 


A preliminary hearing is rescheduled for a Markesan man accused of making several bomb threats in Waupun and the surrounding area.  The hearing for 32 year old Aaron Schreiber was postponed Friday and rescheduled to May 30th before Fond du Lac judge Robert Wirtz.   Schreiber faces more than three dozen felony counts including making a bomb scare, bail jumping and a child sex offender working with children.  Schreiber is accused of phoning in bomb scares to businesses, a library and hospital in Waupun and businesses in Beaver Dam, Fox Lake and Ripon.  He is also accused of officiating basketball games in Waupun, Beaver Dam and Mayville even though he is a convicted child sex offender.


Fond du Lac Republican congressman Tom Petri of Wisconsin says he will retire after more than 30 years in Congress.  The congressman made a formal announcement in his district on Monday morning, and the official announcement Monday afternoon in Neenah on his plans not to seek re-election.  Petri is considered one of the more moderate Republicans in the House and was first elected in 1979. He has served on the Education and Workforce Committee and the Transportation Committee. He has easily won re-election in his Republican-leaning district in east central Wisconsin.


Republican Senate President Mike Ellis of Neenah is also retiring, just from the state senate.  Ellis says the release of a secret recording of him discussing an illegal campaign scheme was the "tipping point" that made him decide not to seek re-election.   The announcement last Friday came two days after the release of a hidden recording of Ellis during which he talks about illegally coordinating with a political action committee to smear his Democratic challenger.  Ellis says he had been thinking about not running for a while, but the video's release put him over the top.  The 73-year-old Ellis says he feels like he no longer fits in in the Senate.


Tonight's the deadline for filing income tax returns -- but the I-R-S expects 137-thousand Wisconsinites to ask for more time.  Christopher Miller of the I-R-S says lots of people still have problems getting all the paperwork together.  They're the ones most likely to get six-month extensions to file their federal returns.  Others don't have the money, but an extension does not get you out of paying your tax obligation now.  Interest and penalties build up after April 15th, and Miller says those with financial issues should call the I-R-S now and work out some type of installment plan.  In Madison, officials of a volunteer assistance center have helped eight-percent more people than a year ago.  One reason is a reduction in customer service and enforcement efforts at the I-R-S, due to budget cuts.  The agency says some of its callers have waited over 20 minutes to get help with their returns -- and the percentage of returns to be audited will be the lowest since the 1980's, at less than one-percent.



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Here are the details:

Wisconsinites who stayed up to watch the total lunar eclipse overnight were treated to clear skies but shivering temperatures for this time of year.  It was five-below-zero at five o'clock this morning at Land O'Lakes near the state's border with Upper Michigan.  Rhinelander had one-below.  Most other parts of the state were in the teens-and-20's.  A strong cold front brought up to five-inches of snow yesterday in the northern half of Wisconsin.  Light snow and icy conditions hit the Milwaukee area last night.  Those watching the broadcast of the Brewers-Cardinals baseball game were treated to a snowy weather report outside of Miller Park -- while the roof kept fans 30-degrees warmer inside.  W-I-S-N T-V said over 30 vehicles were towed away after a chain reaction crash around 10:30 last night on the Highway 45 freeway in suburban Wauwatosa.  Only one person was injured.  Milwaukee County officials reported 43 crashes between 10 last night and two this morning.  Clear to partly cloudy skies are in the statewide forecast today, with highs in the 30's-and-40's.  Rain and snow could return tomorrow to the northern half of the Badger State.


A man arrested in Madison for killing a woman in South Dakota, as part of a plot to assassinate the president, was sentenced to death yesterday.  A jury in Sioux Falls South Dakota chose the death penalty over life in prison for 43-year-old James McVay.  He had pleaded guilty but insane to a murder charge -- and he now joins three other death row inmates in South Dakota who are going through a series of appeals.  McVay escaped from a minimum-security prison in 2011.  Authorities said he was under the influence of alcohol and cough syrup when he killed 75-year-old Maybelle Schein and stole her car.  He was arrested on Interstate-90 at Madison after a brief chase.  McVay told police and a Madison T-V reporter he killed a quote, "little old lady," and was heading to Washington to kill President Obama while he was playing golf.  Prosecutors said McVay stabbed Schein nine times -- and she bled to death in just 16 seconds.  Public defender Traci Smith said McVay's mental health was not properly cared for by his prison staff -- and when he gets proper treatment, Smith said he does not pose a threat. 


A liberal group has asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court not to get involved in a dispute over subpoenas in the John Doe probe involving the state's recall elections.  One Wisconsin Now said there would be at least an appearance of impropriety if the high court took the case -- and it could taint the court's integrity for generations.  That's because two reported targets of the probe -- the Wisconsin Club for Growth and the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce -- helped to get the court's conservative majority elected.  One Wisconsin Now said the two groups spent over seven million dollars since 2007 on the campaigns of Justices David Prosser, Michael Gableman, Annette Ziegler, and Pat Roggensack.  The John Doe probe began in 2012.  Prosecutors are secretly gathering evidence about alleged illegal campaign coordination between outside groups and Republican candidates in the 2011-and-'12 recall elections.  In January, Judge Greg Peterson quashed subpoenas in the case, saying the prosecutors have not shown probable cause of wrongdoing.  A state appeals court is now considering the matter -- and Governor Scott Walker's re-election campaign recently asked the Supreme Court to take the case directly.


A man accused of killing his estranged wife and dumping her remains in a swamp could testify today at his trial in Lincoln County.  Mark Bucki's lawyers told Judge Jay Tlusty (teh-luss'-tee) they expect to put their client on the witness stand this morning -- but it's still not definite.  The defense sought to drop the charges, claiming the state didn't make its case after it rested last Friday.  Tlusty rejected the request, and the defense started calling its witnesses yesterday.  A forensic pathologist said the date of Anita Bucki's death could not be precisely determined.  Attorneys and witnesses said 50-year-old Mark Bucki stabbed and strangled Anita after he started seeing another woman, and his wife tried getting back together with him.  Her remains were discovered in neighboring Taylor County last May 10th, after Bucki reported her missing last April 26th.