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The Fond du Lac County Public Health Officer says local health care providers have been alerted following an announcement last week of a salmonella outbreak in the Midwest.  State health officials say 10 cases in three states, eight in Minnesota and one each in Wisconsin and Oklahoma have been linked to two multi-state Salmonella outbreaks.   Fond du Lac County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says so far there have been no reported cases of salmonella linked to this outbreak in the Fond du Lac area.


The final numbers are in, and over a half-million people walker through the gates at E-A-A’s AirVenture last week in Oshkosh. Spokesman Dick Knapinski says many things came together this year to provide an excellent event for everyone.  He says perfect weather, variety and depth of exhibits, aircraft demonstrations, and a rebounding economy all helped bring in hundreds of thousands of people.  Knapinski says the attendance was around their initial estimate of 550-thousand, an increase of two-percent from last year.  It could be the highest attendance in a decade. Knapinski says aviation fans from 80 countries were at the week-long show this year.


A survey about well water will soon be mailed to randomly selected rural residents in Fond du Lac County.  Community, Natural Resources, and Economic Development Educator with UW-Extension Diana Hammer Tscheschlok says the survey is asking the public how they are doing in regards to educations programming about well water.  Tscheschlok says the results will be used to evaluate the county’s programming for rural residential well owners.   The Fond du Lac County Health Department, Code Enforcement, Land Conservation, and UW-Extension departments have worked together to offer many resources, like township-wide testing programs, monitor septic systems and operate the drinking water testing lab.  People who return the survey by the deadline will be entered into a drawing to win a free well water test.  If you have any questions about the survey, call 920-929-3173 or online at fonddulac.uwex.edu



State Approves Its First Hospital Sale To For-Profit Firm

(Watertown, WI) -- In a first for Wisconsin, the majority of a non-profit medical system will be sold to a profit-making business. The state Justice Department has agreed to let Life-Point Health buy 80-percent of the Watertown Regional Medical Center in a for-profit joint venture. State law required the review. Watertown will get 30-million dollars from Life-Point, plus the right to buy two-million dollars of Life-Point stock at a pre-set price in the future. Watertown will use the proceeds for a foundation that will keep a 20-percent share in its health system. The fund is expected to have over 40-million dollars after Watertown's long-term debt is paid off. Life-Point is based in Brentwood Tennessee. It runs almost 70 hospitals in almost two dozen states. The Watertown Regional Medical agreement was first announced last fall. It's expected to be finalized in the next two months.

$34 Million Embezzler Gets Her Sentence Chopped Again

(Milwaukee, WI) -- Milwaukee business embezzler Sue Sachdeva (satch-dee'-vuh) will be freed from prison in 2017. Federal Judge Lynn Adelman (ay'-dle-man) agreed yesterday to chop her sentence by another 33 months. That will give her a total of just over eight years behind bars. The 51-year-old Sachdeva was originally sentenced to eleven years for embezzling 34-million dollars from Milwaukee's Koss headphone manufacturer. She previously had two-and-a-half years taken off her term for good behavior. Attorneys on both sides say she deserves another break, for helping convict two men who stole property bought with the money she embezzled. Sachdeva used the money for stylish clothing and jewelry, expensive vacations, and an upscale home in Mequon.

Milwaukee Tannery Faces $169,000 OSHA Fine

(Milwaukee, WI) -- Nineteen safety violations are being levied against a Milwaukee tannery where an employee was killed in February. The U-S Occupational Safety and Health Administration has recommended a 169-thousand-dollar fine for D-R Diedrich and Company. The agency inspected the plant after 59-year-old Juan Gonzalez died. Authorities said he was inspecting a bearing on a large machine when its 15-hundred pound roller disengaged and hit him in the head. Officials said the company did follow proper safety procedures on the machine in question. OSHA said one of the 19 violations was willful. The firm still faces a reduced 60-thousand dollars fine from a 2009 death at the same tannery.

Two Loons Saved After Anglers Snared Them

(Rhinelander, WI) -- Two loons have been saved after anglers snared them in a northern Wisconsin lake in the space of a month. Both loons were injured on Two Sisters Lake near Rhinelander in the Oneida County town of Newbold. Mark Naniot (nan'-ee-ot) of the Wild Instincts rehab facility near Rhinelander said a hook was pulled from the mouth of a male loon that hatched chicks the same day. The second loon was spotted by kayakers who cut a fishing line -- but there was still a hook in the female's leg that caused difficulties. Naniot said he also tried saving two other loons snagged by anglers recently, but one died from starvation due to a fishing line wrapped around its bill. Wisconsin had around four-thousand loons in 2010. A new count was taken earlier this month.
(Thanks Ken Krall, WXPR, Rhinelander)

Winning Lottery Numbers
(Madison, WI) -- Here are Thursday's winning Wisconsin Lottery numbers: Five-Card Cash; 5-diamonds, Q-hearts, J-diamonds, Q-clubs, 10-clubs -- Supercash; 3-7-8-20-23-33, No Doubler -- Pick-3; 4-7-9 -- Pick-4; 3-6-4-9 -- Badger-5; 15-21-29-30-31.